Friday, January 19th, 2018

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A night out in San Francisco for a great cause!

I absolutely love Dana Carvey. He makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. When I received an email earlier this week promoting a fund raising event for Autism that included Dana Carvey as the entertainment, holy moly, I jumped at the opportunity to attend.

I also did a little research on the two beneficiaries of the event. One is a private school for children with Autism and was founded by families in response to a lack of available alternatives to serving their children. The Oak Hill School. The other is a non-profit organization called the Ryder Foundation, started by two mothers, both having children with Autism. The mission of The Ryder Foundation is to provide support to organizations that research the environmental causes of autism and effectively treat afflicted children. Definitely an area of interest for me.

So, I went to the event with three goals. At some point during the evening I would:
1. Met Dana Carvey and get a photo with him
2. Meet the women from the Ryder Foundation
3. Meet the leaders from Oakhill School

Before entering the event I found the calm, peaceful, leading energy within me and let go of any fear or attachment to the outcome. I was going to enjoy the process and remain open to the possibilities. This is what unfolded.

While enjoying the art on display for the silent auction, Dana walked right past me. I definitely was star struck and it took me a few moments to recover from my social self’s response of feeling self conscience. By the time I recovered he had moved on and disappeared. Hmmm, I wondered, had I lost the opportunity? I let it go and brought myself back to the present. About ten minutes later I was in line for the food, chatting with my friend when I saw Dana enter the room again. He was probably twenty feet away from me with lots of people in between. My first inclination was to leave the line and go toward him but then I remembered, no, I’m not going to try to control this. I’m just going to let it happen and stay calm. The room contained about 600 people so it was crowded. Within the next minute he turned and I tell you truthfully he walked straight towards me. He practically bumped into me. This time I stayed calm and asked if I could take a photo with him. Then we had a nice chat about why he was involved with the event. He was very present and it was a very cool moment for me.

Now, I had no idea what the women from the Ryder Foundation looked like so I felt a little like I was looking for a four leaf clover in a huge field of clover. But I trusted I would meet them. After the show, magically I introduced myself to a woman because I experienced a strong feeling, like a pull when our paths crossed and we made eye contact. I just blurted out an introduction of my name and asked if she happened to know any of the women from the Ryder Foundation. Why yes, she did! As a matter of a fact, she was very good friends with one of the mothers. From that one connection, I ended up meeting all four women, chatted and exchanged contact information. I will definitely be following up with them.

Lastly, I introduced myself to the Chairwoman from the school (I did recognize her from the presentation) and she invited me to come tour the school any time.

Two things really stood out for me regarding this experience. One was that I was able to let go of the fear of what anyone would think of me if I introduced myself to a complete stranger. The second was that by the end of the night I accomplished all three of my goals! I was so full of energy at the end of the night and my friend and I giggled all the way home. She’s been witnessing my transformation up close and personal and it was so cool to have her there with me. If I had attended this event prior to the Horse Whisper Workshop with Martha Beck and Koelle I most likely would have stood on the side of the room watching people and been too afraid to approach anyone, let alone Dana!! My social self would have interfered too much. Plus, I suspect Dana wouldn’t have walked anywhere near me either. :)

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  1. jlisao says:

    Will you visit the Oak Hill School?

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