Friday, January 19th, 2018

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Autism rate now 1 in 100, what this means to me

The increasing rate of Autism has proved to ignite controversy for years now. I certainly don’t know the answers of why the rates are increasing and I don’t get caught up in the debate of whether they truly are or aren’t. I will reference the article from August 20th in the Huffington Post by David Kirby Huffington Post Article which in my opinion contains some interesting and compelling studies. I’m hoping the attention generated by the possibility of truth in the sited studies and statistics will motivate more scientists and funding institutions to focus research on why the numbers appear to be on the rise.

I’m a true believer that a combination of factors play into the manifestation of Autism including genetics and environmental factors. This is purely from an experiential standpoint as my son is now in his 8th year of life living with the diagnosis of Autism and I have been by his side almost every day observing, watching, noticing, and listening.

In addition to the science side of the coin, I also believe children with Autism are here to teach us very, very important lessons. I’ve become acutely aware of the many ways he communicates. Not with words because he’s non-verbal but very clearly indeed. As a result, we are connecting on a level I didn’t see before, a level of pure love, compassion and appreciation. All because I started to listen beyond words.

As more families and children are affected, I intend to provide a way to share with others what Ian has taught me because it has opened up an entirely new world full of joy and gratitude for all that he is. Where there once was despair and feelings of being trapped I now feel joy and freedom.

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One Response to “Autism rate now 1 in 100, what this means to me”
  1. jlisao says:

    I love your title "Listen Beyond Words". I am a paraeducator in the public schools. I primarily teach two boys one-on-one (one in the morning the other in the afternoon). Even though they are both non-verbal we do communicate! Yes Diane, I agree, my students have taught me how to love, appreciate and experience feelings of compassion on a whole new level! I am so glad to read you are now experiencing joy and freedom. I am very interested in reading your blog. There is so much I wish to understand about this puzzle called "autism". Thanks for sharing a piece of the puzzle!

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