Friday, January 19th, 2018

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Do You Lead with Fear or Love?

One feels tense, weak, insecure, urgent, overwhelming, competitive, cloudy, graspy.

The other feels open, powerful, relaxed, right on time, expansive, connected, clear, in flow.

One paralyzes creativity; the other expands creativity beyond all boundaries.

One follows what others do, the other follows inspired action.

Ready to step into your power and heal your world?

Leading with love starts by leading from the inside out.  You are the only one blocking your view.

I choose love.  Which do you choose?

About The Author

Diane Hunter As a Mind-Body Coach, Diane guides clients from a state of pain and overwhelm to a place of calm and deep connection to love and joy. She offers a unique experience with horses where individuals step into their leadership and learn to build trust and gain a deeper understanding of the power of non-verbal communication.


4 Responses to “Do You Lead with Fear or Love?”
  1. paralyzing is so true. There’s often no way out but to leap! It helps to see the face of Love in someone nearby.

  2. Diane Hunter says:

    @Rebecca, ah yes, the leap. It may feel like a jump off a cliff that turns into soaring in whatever direction you choose. Thank you for sharing your comment. :)

    @Helen – I’m mirroring Love right back at ya!

  3. Beth Herman says:

    I choose love and aspire to help my clients do the same. Thanks for a beautiful post.

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