Friday, January 19th, 2018

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For me, fear is such an interesting emotion. When combined with a sinking feeling in my stomach I know whatever I’m fearing I need to turn the opposite direction and RUN! However, if the fear is accompanied with a feeling of openness, or another way to describe it, my lungs feel like they’ve been filled with rich oxygen, I’m intrigued. I’ve been feeling intrigued A LOT lately.

I used to think fear was to be feared itself but I’m now starting to realize fear can be a wonderful feeling (of course when paired with rich oxygen) because it provides an opportunity to shift my perspective. When I dig deeper and explore the thought around the fear I play with the idea of changing that thought so it won’t feel so terrifying. When I free my thoughts from fear I find my thoughts travel to places with surprising possibilities. Knowing I have the power to change my thoughts is magnificent. Now I focus on practicing to the point where shifting away from fear becomes a natural function of daily existence, almost as natural as breathing rich, delicious oxygen. Aaahhhh…

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