Friday, January 19th, 2018

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How I arrived where I am today

Ian was born, February 2002. He has Autism. When I knew this to be true I felt like a fire had ripped through my garden and ravaged my soil. It was desolate.

In 2005, I read Martha Beck’s book, “Expecting Adam.” I felt a tug toward my destiny but the soil remained dry, undernourished and neglected.

By early 2008, the soil was ready for nutrients. I began listening to Wayne Dyer CDs on my iPod during my runs, more aptly named, my mental health breaks. The sun was peeking through.

Then next came the seeds! March 20th of this year I attended Martha Beck’s one-day workshop in San Jose, CA. Half way through the day I experienced an overall body vibration, I was humming. At one point I saw a yellow hue around Martha. I thought I was hallucinating from lack of sleep or going temporarily insane. That didn’t matter because the openness I felt was unmistakable. I had discovered my path, I knew this to be true. There is so much to learn! I felt the seeds burrowing themselves in the soil, desiring nutrients, water and sunlight. I promptly purchased “Steering by Starlight” and signed up for Martha’s Life Coach Training class one week later.

The first weekend in April, I attended a three-day workshop with horses lead by Martha and Koelle Simpson. The weekend initiated the greatest transformational experience I’ve had so far on my journey with Ian. My garden is sprouting and taking in exactly what it needs to produce the most delicious, fulfilling harvest imaginable. I love my garden!

So, here I am, right where I’m supposed to be; taking it all in, open to the possibilities and trusting that I know exactly where to go when following my north star. It’s out there waiting for me. I’m no longer stuck, my excitement is boundless. Now I get to learn everything I can about tending my garden and keeping it filled with abundance.

I’m profoundly grateful to my son, Ian for being my greatest teacher and for leading me to my destiny.

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