Friday, January 19th, 2018

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Ian Flew An Airplane

Well, he didn’t literally fly a plane.  He asked his brother and Dad to fly their paper airplanes through the air to his total delight.

After dinner one night last week, Ian and I sat on the couch while Lowell and Lane constructed paper airplanes.  Lane launched his across the room. Ian showed mild interest.  Then Lowell launched his and it flew straight over Ian’s head.  That’s when Ian squealed with delight.

Lowell and Lane quickly lined up on the other side of the room and launched their planes again. Ian giggled and watched as they glided overhead.

Then something quite special happened.  As Lowell and Lane stood ready to launch, Ian made a sound that translated to “Do it again!”  In Ian’s language, this sounds like “Aaaaa”  The three of us looked at each other wide-eyed, full of excitement. Then off launched the planes!

Ian made the connection that when he vocalized his request, Lane and Lowell would respond by launching their planes. In that moment, with Ian leading the game, it felt like we’d crossed a bridge together, as a family, playing this simple paper airplane game.

Pure play and delight continued for over ten minutes before I asked Lowell to grab the video camera.  I caught Ian’s last few requests on camera just before he began to fade into sleep.  If you watch the video you’ll see Lane and Lowell wait for Ian to make his request.  Ian’s voice is very quiet but you’ll hear his giggle very clearly after the second toss. Enjoy!

Hearing Ian’s laughter let us all know we found a way to cross the bridge together.  These moments weave the rich tapestry of love and joy into our every day life.

I wish you and your family many sweet moments over the holiday season that weave love and joy into your life.


About The Author

Diane Hunter As a Mind-Body Coach, Diane guides clients from a state of pain and overwhelm to a place of calm and deep connection to love and joy. She offers a unique experience with horses where individuals step into their leadership and learn to build trust and gain a deeper understanding of the power of non-verbal communication.


8 Responses to “Ian Flew An Airplane”
  1. hatt says:

    joyful tears! so blessed to see this! love hatt

  2. Lon says:

    Love it

  3. Absolutely beautiful Diane. Thanks for sharing this precious event. Oh how I love this line – “These moments weave the rich tapestry of love and joy into our every day life.” Love, Helen

  4. Diane Hunter says:

    Hatt, ah, love sharing it with you. xoxo

  5. Diane Hunter says:

    Thanks Dad. You’re the best Dad EVER!

  6. Diane Hunter says:

    Helen, you are so welcome and Ian teaches me something every single day. He brought our whole family together into this moment of pure joy. So glad I thought to grab the video camera so I could share it with you too.

  7. Fernanda says:

    Im glad I decided to read this today!!! Watching this beautiful expression of love, and comunication in your family, it touched my heart so deeply that I am feeling so relaxed and ready to go to bed!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family!!!

  8. Diane Hunter says:

    Thank you Fernanda. I wish you deep rest through the holidays so you’re fired up and ready to roll for a great 2012!!

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