Friday, January 19th, 2018

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Ian turned 7 on Feburary 1st!

On Feb 1st, Ian turned 7 years old. It was a beautiful, clear, warm day in California and we decided to take the boys to the beach in Santa Cruz. Click to view photos.

From the moment we got into the car to drive over the hill to Santa Cruz, Ian was calm and peaceful. When we arrived, he bounced out of the car and squealed with delight and just started running all over the grassy field. When we started down the stairs to the beach, he was immediately drawn to the sand on each step. It took about 15 minutes to descend the stairs because he had to feel the sand each step of the way. Once to the beach, he plopped down and started the process of stroking the sand back and forth and pouring it on his body. He loves the feel of the sand on this hands, feet, and body. He even had his head in the sand. If you look at the photos, you’ll get what I mean.

Lowell led him to the water and it is about 60 degrees, quite a shock! He wasn’t so sure about that but he loved feeling the difference between the wet, cold sand and the warm, dry sand. It was an afternoon of exploration and we all soaked up the experience with delight. It will be a memory for all of us to recall. It could not have been more perfect and we wanted to share it with everyone.

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