Friday, January 19th, 2018

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My Country Mouse

My most memorable quote from the day: “Our son is a country mouse” by my husband, Lowell. He uttered it on the shuttle ride back to our hotel in Seattle, Washington after Lane clearly communicated he did not enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the city. “Mommy, it’s too loud,” he said. I was right there with him. You see we had just come off a four-day reunion with the Hunter/Krueger family. In the end 38 of us gathered together to connect through conversation, laughter, play, and eating fabulous food.

After waking this morning and saying goodbye to our loved ones we drove to Seattle to spend the final 24 hours exploring the city before returning home to Ian tomorrow. What I didn’t realize before reaching Seattle was how stark the contrast would be between the family experience in the quiet, natural settings and the in-your-face intensity of the city. Now, before I continue, I know there are many great qualities the city offers, I just did not see many of them on this day.

What I did see was disconnection and contrasts everywhere. I witnessed the evidence of poverty and the excess of materialism. The sensory overload of sounds and sites invited a headache and I felt my energy plummet. So, it came as absolutely no surprise when Lane behaved so differently in this environment versus the one surrounded by family and love. He appeared bewildered, confused, and scared. He constantly wanted to hold hands and be in between us. We provided a protective barrier to the energy coming at him. I won’t go into the detailed story about what transpired except to say we all felt the same thing; overwhelmed by the contrast. We promptly returned to the safe container of our hotel room.

Once back in the room, Lane immediately perked back up and started smiling again. We were back to just us and I felt a sense of relief and contentment. Lowell read a story to Lane, I bathed him and as I sit typing this Lane sleeps peacefully. We connected. I learned so much in that short 90 minute excursion. To nourish my soul, I need to live close to nature, move gently, and connect in love. My little country mouse helped me see this so clearly today. Thank you, sweet Lane for yet another powerful lesson.

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